25 October 2018

Historie 107

Iwaaki says he's gonna take a break to work on touching up  the art for the upcoming tankoban v11 for Historie so it's gonna be another long wait.

Historie c107:   Mega


  1. First of all: Sorry that this has nothing to do with the actual topic. There are no entries (or at least I couldn't find any) about Tobaku Haouden Rei here which I just started reading. I just came to the part where they talk about the reward which is translated as "1 trillion yen"...however, the main character says that it's just 0.1% of the probable total money of the whole gamble which is cited as "100 trillion". So, obviously, it can either not be 0.1% or one trillion...or 100 trillion. That's why I downloaded some raws and looked it up: It's definitely 100 trillion, it's definitely 0.1% (both written in actual numbers) but it's "一千億" which translates to "100 billion" from what I found online. Therefore, the translation is wrong (at two points right after another) and if they don't change the amount, then, funnily enough, the manga description on various websites is wrong as well. Just wanted to point it out because it's an obvious oversight (regardless of how long ago it was). Apart from that, I definitely am thankful for the translation. Fukumoto produces content I really enjoy, so anyone translating any of that has my gratitude.

    1. Yeah, my bad. I often make a lot of stupid mistakes when it comes to numbers.

    2. There are also tons of typos as well as weird stuff regarding pages when it comes to the order (might also be the fault of the websites hosting them). I just started reading the sequel, Tobaku Haouden Rei - Gyanki Hen, however, for some reason, pages 44 and 45 in chapter one are missing. I've pretty much looked everywhere but can't find them translated. They are simply not there and apparently no one ever noticed or bothered to write about it (same with the money previously).

    3. Is that the case in the files I've uploaded on my mega folder?

  2. Yep, it was the case there as well.