25 April 2018

Historie 103 and 104

Since I didn't do the Feb issue for Historie, here's a double release of Historie chapters, 103 and 104! With the would-be assassin's short introduction done, looks like the real fun is about to start with Olympias. It's gonna be painful waiting until June after this cliffhanger. Careful readers will note that the Eumenes' knife appears to be that of Eurydice's attendant.

Historie 103:   Mega
Historie 104:   Mega


  1. Oh boy oh boy, how will Pausanias play into all this? and what advice did Eumenes gave to the attendant?

  2. Noticed a double negative on page 19 (magazine page 111), lower left.
    I'm guessing Salami Woman was there to scout Eurydice's attendant's wariness, as well as Eurydice's like or dislike of the food, in order to know what to poison. Eumenes might be exposing the assassination attempt while committing high treason in order for Phillip to have to punish him, but also save the new Queen's life to mitigate the punishment into exile or something similar.

    1. (Replying to own post): Or perhaps the idea is that the attendant will be poisoned, since poisoning Phillip's new wife might be a bit too hardcore for Olympias, at least right at the moment. Teach Chubby to taste test, make sure the poison goes into food Eurudyce wants to eat, thus ensure it'll surely be taste tested and not do too much harm.

    2. Your second idea is what I originally thought when reading the chapter.

  3. Thank you so much for continuing this wonderful work!

  4. The new chapter 105 appeared in Japan last week and the RAW is avalible:


    I think the next chapter 106 maybe appear in August or September.