9 January 2018

Donki Kourin (Jan. 9)

So this is a rather random release I wasn't planning on at all. I was basically browsing through some of the raws on deadscanlations, when I stumbled on Furuya Usamaru's Donki Kourin. I actually bought this manga all the way back in the summer of 2009, shortly after I had started translating. I remember quite liking it, but I decided against doing it since half of the manga is basically a wall of text (short letters/essays from readers). When I looked through the raws again, I thought it was kind of a shame that nobody will probably ever translate this, since the comic parts basically feel like a sequel to Palepoli which I also worked on. So I just decided to bite the bullet and chip away at it throughout this year as I work on other projects. I'll release just 2 or 3 chapters at a time, which isn't a lot since each chapter is just 2 pages long. So don't expect the whole volume to be quickly finished.

P.S. The comics are slightly more amusing if you actually bother to read the short letter preceding it.

Donki Kourin c01-03:   Mega


  1. I never thought we would ever get this translated. Thank you so much.

  2. What does your upcoming translation schedule look like? You said you'd be working on Historie again in January--has that started?

    1. I'm waiting on raws for Historie, actually. Meanwhile, I'm also going through FnT v2 at the moment.

  3. Thanks for doing this! Furuya Usamaru is amazing, his versatility and desire to challenge the medium are awesome. I wish more scanlation groups would pick up his stuff.

  4. Hox, do you know anything on the status of 'Alice in Hell' v4?

  5. I'm so happy (οΎ‰△・。)