26 August 2017

Historie Chapter 100

New Historie chapter. For some reason, it seems Iwaaki made Leonnatus' father Anteas hail from Orestis, even though the historical records say he was a royal noble of the Lynkestis kingdom that was annexed by Macedonia as can be seen in the above picture. If he wanted another famous historical figure, he could have instead chose Seleucus, since the records say his father was from Orestis. Who knows, maybe the change will have some significance later on.

Historie c100:   Mega


  1. Thank you for this new chapter :D

  2. Replies
    1. I'm only half-way done the scripts for the first chapter. August was an unexpectedly busy month for me.

      But in other news, the last chapter of Soil is set to come out in a week or so.

    2. Any idea when you'll be finished?

    3. Can't say for sure but I hope I can get the scripts for volume 2 done by end of September.