19 August 2017

Wombs v4 (complete)

Well, it certainly took a long time, but volume 4 is finally done! Hard to believe there's only one more volume left. It'll be a little while before I return to do the 5th and final volume though. I'm planning to spend the remainder of August and September doing volume 2 of Futago no Teikoku and volume 3 of Shiji. But after that, I'll finish up Wombs and translate some short projects that are long-overdue. As for Soil and Planet of Sutakola, please do be patient as that depends on how much free time I can steal from my editor's busy life.

Wombs v4:   Mega
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Only 2 volumes left! Lots of shit will go down in these last two volumes though so look forward to it.
Dun dun dun.
Mana's navi transforming more and more away from her lover to her child. Surely this won't pose any issues down the line.
Hold onto your butts.
Unfortunately, non-mainstream manga almost never get doujins.
A new chapter after nearly 2 months!
That's certainly one way to motivate someone...
Too cool for school counseling.
These extra entries are nice. Wish Shirai did them for the previous volumes as well.

Wombs v4:   Mega
Wombs v4 c24: Mega
Wombs v4 c25:   Mega
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Wombs v4 c27:   Mega
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  1. Awesome,great to see the latest chapter,many thanks for this.Just out of curiosity how often will you be releasing new chapters?

    1. I try once a week but no guarantees.

  2. When does the first chapter of FnT Vol. 2 come out?

    1. I don't know as it's not entirely up to me. I'm only doing the translation while Breading Bad is doing the rest.

      It'll be out when it's out. No need to rush anything.

    2. Speaking of Breading Bad, his site's been inactive for a long time

  3. You've got competition, Hox.

    1. They're only trying to get a Western publisher interested so I'm not concerned.

  4. Thanks for your hard work!