26 April 2017

Historie c98

Finally, a new fucking chapter! Unfortunately a short, fluff chapter, apparently due to Iwaaki's work on the recently released tankoban release of volume 10.
On a tangential note, I noticed that Iwaaki's new series, Reiri (he only wrote the story for this), is already at the 3rd volume. Anyone read this yet? Planning on giving it a read this month.

Historie c98:   Mega


  1. Is Historie constantly going on hiatus because of the author or are you having trouble finding raws? Just curious as to why the long breaks in between chapters.

    1. Historie runs on a bi-monthly schedule, so there's one chapter every two months. Whenever there's a new tankoban scheduled to be released, Iwaaki takes a certain number of months off to work on it, like I stated in this post.

      The slow pace is mainly because Iwaaki works without assistants, I believe. I don't think Reiri has anything to do with it because I remember he once said that the story for that was done before it even started, and he assured Historie readers that it wouldn't interfere with the Historie schedule.

    2. This manga has been ongoing for longer than Alexander the Great's reign as King of Macedonia.

  2. finaly a chapter and we get this :( hope next chapter we get to see how to mc deals with the whole gf marries king issue :D

  3. Reiri is a fine read mostly because it combines Iwaaki's "academic" approach to storytelling and Muroi's very dramatized presentation. You can feel the presence of both in the final piece. The story is so far a pretty standard one and its structure is adequate. Muroi is no Iwaaki but his art is decent enough. I'm mostly wondering about length since I though it would be a shorter series (one or two volumes) but it seems like it could go to six or even eight. Also, I would love to see Iwaaki's original script.