25 June 2016

Historie 96

Poor Eumenes...

Also, I know I've been quiet for the whole month, but that doesn't mean I haven't been translating stuff. I should be releasing a 1-volume project... probably next week, as well as releasing something Tezuka-related. So check back next weekend.

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  1. He's gonna die soon isn't he?

  2. What was Attalus referring to when he said "I wholeheartedly agree with the idea, however....!" I am having trouble narrowing down the exact meaning as I can interpret it in different ways.

    1. At the wedding between Philip and Eurydica (aka Cleopatra), the historical Attalus supposedly said that hopefully Philip can now give a legitimate heir to the throne. The implication obviously being that Alexander, being born from a Molossian mother, is not a full-blooded Macedonian and therefore not truly legitimate in the eyes of the Macedonian aristocracy.

      Now in the manga, Philip has made a few curious remarks about Alexander, most notably in the previous chapter 95. "If only he were a general and not a prince. It would be a shame to waste his talents, but... That boy is ill."

      My theory is that Philip, seeing Alexander's eccentricities, does not think of him as an ideal heir and he too, seeks to perhaps replace Alexander with another son. So Eumenes' new role as the "King's left-hand" might possibly have to do with backing Philip's wishes against Alexander in a succession conflict.

    2. Also, the left hand might have to do the deed with Eurydice, because Philip is too old. Haha... i can dream, can't I? If after 7 wives Philip still has only 1 son.

    3. He has another one, the fat one

    4. Thanks for scanlating and for the additional historical info, Hox!

  3. Just want to pop in and say thank you for all the work you've done!