23 November 2015

Sangokushi v56 (complete)

v56 is finally done. Looks like it's gonna be a Feb 2016 finish for Sangokushi since there's still 4 volumes left. Enjoy!

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Poor guy. If I were him, I'd honestly feel worse at Sima Yi telling me to just forget about the wager.
#TRIGGERED. Although most letters in the story are adapted faithfully in this manga, this is one letter that has been severely truncated. You can see for yourself the more eloquently written burn in chapter 100 of RotTK.
Highly unlikely that any of this really happened, but that's what fiction is all about! Such a colourful conflict these two have.
Should've just imprisoned him indefinitely until the campaign was over.
Goddamn it, Liu Bei. This is what you get for throwing your baby around like a football.
Sometimes, it pays to not be well-read. Better luck next time Sima Yi.
In the novel, it's mentioned that the eunuchs were all put to death. Hurray!
Kongming, taking the game of fucking with Sima Yi's mind to a whole new level.

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  1. Thank you, this has been an epic series.

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  3. I don't know Hox, why Zhuge Liang held much credit to Li Yan, I mean Zhuge Liang could just write a letter or something to him about Gou An's incompetents. Or he could just execute Gou An, I think it was exaggeration about the fuss Gou An's death could make.

    About Liu Shan, I don't see it fair to blame Liu Bei for his son's idiocy, as the latter was known of indulging in pleasures (like crickets fighting according to the ROTK drama) while neglecting state affairs. I think he is more a spoiled brat than a mentally disabled person.

    1. Yeah, the Li Yan thing is a bit forced story-wise (pretty sure it's another completely fictional event), mainly because the novel so far has made it clear that Zhuge Liang's authority in both civil and martial matters is so absolute in Shu that Li Yan would seriously risk his whole life and reputation in carrying a grudge for the execution of his incompetent subordinate. No boss would stick up for his lackey that much.

      It'd make more sense if Li Yan was previously mentioned as a powerful man in the Shu political scene that even Zhuge Liang would find hard to punish.

      Also, the Liu Shan comment is just a joke. I don't actually think he was mentally disabled or anything.

  4. Poor impulse control IS a sign of brain damage... but the kid was spoiled, and they only people who Liu Bei could have trusted to raise him were always on the battlefield.

    Now if Zhuge Liang had only obeyed the final directive of "if my son is incompetent, replace him as Emperor", they might have stretched things out another decade or so. Maybe.

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  5. I wish this lazy bum excuse for an emperor had little of what Sun Ce had when he was in his age. I could only blame Liu Bei for spoiling this....imbecile!!!!
    I really wish he died in Changban.

    I wished the same, however It could have made several rebellions led by all those who favored Liu Bei, remember how the generals reacted when Dong Zhou dethroned Liu Bian, which ended in forming the collation alliance against Dong Zhou.

    What I really wished for that Zhuge Liang would have just killed that sorry excuse of a supply general. or just imprisoned him till the campaign is over.

    I have two questions though, why Zhuge Liang didn't make the same trick on Cao Rui? Sima Yi didn't have much fans in the imperial court.
    My second question is, Zhuge Liang had Meng Hou's army with their rattan armor and warring animals, he could have made good use of them, yet he didn't yet and I have the feeling that he won't. JUST WHY????

    1. >why Zhuge Liang didn't make the same trick on Cao Rui?

      He actually did, if you remember. Technically, it was Ma Su's plan, and it managed to get Sima Yi exiled. I think it'd be unlikely to have the same plot work again, because Cao Rui would know better, but also because with the death of Cao Zhen, there's nobody else capable of withstanding Zhuge Liang and Cao Rui knows this.

      As for your second question as to why he didn't use rattan armor, who really knows? I can throw out possible reasons, like the risk that Sima Yi may prove just as adept at exploiting their giant weakness to fire, or perhaps the drier climate of Northern China making it harder to maintain them. Alternatively, the wood and oil required to make them might possibly be only found in the deep south and transporting enough of them to outfit all his troops might have been too much of a hassle.

    2. hmmm, seems I have underestimated Cao Rui and to some extends Sima Yi

      thanks Hox for clearing things :)
      and I'm anxious to the next chapters
      keep up your awesome work