7 October 2015

Sangokushi v53 (complete)

And v53 is now complete. One minor change I'd like to point out is that in the novel, Cao Zhen is willing to give Jiang Wei the benefit of the doubt out of simple eagerness and confidence. In Yoshikawa Eiji's version, and consequently this manga, it's Jiang Wei's famous filial piety that convinces Cao Zhen to give him the benefit of his doubt. If I had to pick, I certainly like this change better as it makes Cao Zhen seem a little less incompetent (historically, he was quite capable and can claim much credit in the first two Northern campaigns). However, this change is only possible because it omits a brief but very clear mention in the original novel that Kongming specifically moved Jiang Wei's mother to Hanzhong during the general withdrawal in the first Northern campaign in the aftermath of the defeat at Jieting.
from v52
As you can see here, both the manga and novel mentions that Kongming evacuated the people of Tianshui, Nanan, and Anding to Hanzhong. So although Yoshikawa eliminated the reference to the relocation of Jiang Wei's mother to set up a more convincing reason as to Cao Zhen's behaviour at the end of v53, the careful reader might then wonder why Kongming was careless enough to leave Jiang Wei's mother behind in soon-to-be Wei territory, even though he relocated many of the other civilians. So B+ for the effort, Yoshikawa Eiji, but not quite good enough, I'd say.

P.S. I'm aware that I'm probably the only English-speaking person who cares about this incredibly minor change between the two versions.

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Time for some Wu action this volume.
I wonder if Sima Yi's newfound influence at the imperial court had anything to do with Cao Xiu's jealousy.
RIP. At least he didn't die from a groin shot or from a lucky shot to the head like Zhang Liao and Xu Huang.
One of the few times in the story where an old friend fails to convince his friend to surrender or defect.
 Not sure what's worse, dying after being trapped in a mine shaft collapse, or drowning in a mine.
Wang Shuang's a fairly minor character, but I still like him for being one of the few characters that don't use a typical spear or glaive.
Cao Zhen pls.

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  1. Remember how Iwaaki mentioned year or two years ago that he had finished script for new short series with detailed instruction for the artist and how he would like to find the artist to draw it so it wouldn't hindrance Historie schedule? Well, the project is underway and it will have first two chapters published in December issue of Bessatsu Shounen Champion published on 12th Novembre. The artist is Muroi Daisuke. Should be set in Japan's Warring State Era.

    1. Cool, I'll have to keep an eye out for that. I'm surprised it's running in a shounen magazine.

  2. c369 page 96: shouldn't it read 'retreated' instead of 'retired' in the pic at the lower left?
    Thanks for all the great manga, btw!

    1. No, retire can also mean to retreat or withdraw.

  3. Hmm, I thought Yokoyama's Zhang Fei was familiar from somewhere. Here's a 19th century French version of Zhang Fei (a self portrait of Gustave Courbet): http://www.gustavecourbet.org/The-Cellist,-Self-Portrait.html

    1. Huh, I guess he soooortaaaa looks like him. In traditional depictions of Zhang Fei, he's supposed to be stout and have a thick but short beard like in your image. It's interesting to see how much longer Zhang Fei's beard grew over the course of this manga, rivaling even Guan Yu's beard.

      Also, this is the real French Zhang Fei: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Terrail,_seigneur_de_Bayard#/media/File:Bayard_sur_le_pont_du_Garigliano.jpeg