26 October 2015

Historie c92

Finally a new chapter of Historie! These bi-monthly waits are killing me... I'm curious to see where Iwaaki is going with this "stranded cavalryman."

In other news, Iwaaki's side comments in this chapter mentions that he's now starting that new manga project he's been planning for some time now. You can read the news yourself here at this link. Iwaaki is looking forward to how the project will turn out under an artist who's been working with different genre of stories, as will I.

Historie c92: Sendspace


  1. Thanks for the release.
    I'm curious to see if the author will transition the main character from eumenes to alexander because eumenes role will now just be chronicling alexander.

  2. Really cool news! I wonder if the ghostly Alexander will look different in the volume release.

    I also like the art of Iwaaki's new book.