27 September 2015

Sangokushi v52 (complete)

And with chapter 365, the first Northern campaign draws to a disappointing close for Kongming. Although this campaign serves as a build-up for the more protracted showdown between Kongming and Sima Yi later on, you should keep in mind that in history, the only thing Sima Yi actually did was put down Meng Da's revolt. So Cao Zhen, despite getting an unflattering treatment in the novel, can claim most of the credit along with Zhang He for the successful Wei defense.

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Oh, the table of contents page. The LoGH next episode-previews of Sangokushi, spoiling every major death.
Success favours the bold.
Goddamn it! First, Zhang Liao dies from a groin shot, and now Xu Huang from a shot by Meng Da of all people. What a fucking shame for one of Wei's best generals.
It's a little odd to see Ma Su decked out in armour. Usually in this manga, the thinking-type strategists and advisers are drawn wearing the robes of a civil official.
Who knew Ma Su would turn out to be so stupid? He was smart enough during the Southern campaigns.
You had one job, Ma Su. ONE JOB.
Better luck next time, Guo Huai.
One of the most iconic moments in the entire story.
Just like the good ol' days of Zhang Fei at Changban.

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  1. Thanks for this. I am going to miss this when it is over.

  2. Thank you, man
    SUNNY manga by Matsumoto Taiyou is complete
    We hope that be your translated :)

    1. Sunny's licensed by viz so unless they've dropped it, I won't be translating it.