15 September 2015

Sangokushi v51 (complete)

Chapters 355 and 356 are out, bringing v51 to a close. For the batch volume release, I made the last update to the cast of characters pages I ever will. Looking back, it's definitely been a sloppy over the years, but maybe at least 2 or 3 people found it helpful. 

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Been busy over the past week but time to start the final 10 volumes!
Jiang Wei hype.
There's actually a somewhat minor scene in the novel that the manga skips out on. In the manga, the counter-raid battle as seen in this chapter is the first battle of the new Wei force. However, in the novel, the debate between minister Wang Lang and Kongming is the first "engagement" of the new Wei force. Basically, it comes down to a difference in belief over who has the mandate of Heaven (Shu or Wei) and who's the actual rebel. Zhuge Liang's insults get to Wang Lang's head, however, and he keels over and dies after Zhuge Liang finishes talking. Certainly not the first time words alone managed to kill a person in the story though. Surprisingly enough, this scene wasn't cut from the 2010 tv series so you can check it out on youtube if you're curious (I think it's episode 85).

I actually kind of liked Wang Lang for his craftiness during the incident to abdicate the last Han emperor and put Cao Pi on the throne, so it's a bit of a bummer.
Yes, yes, I know this chapter's a bit hard to swallow if you know your military history. But hey, at the end of the day, RotK is fictional.
This is why you don't use chariots, people. Though to be fair, this trick would've worked for regular cavalry as well.

Sangokushi c351:   Sendspace  (file name error fixed)
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  1. missing p 3, 4, 5
    v32 iinstead of v51

    1. The p3, 4, 5 are actually just blank pages in the original, which I later use to insert maps and character info for those who want it. They'll be included in the full volume release.

      Thanks for the heads-up on the file naming error though. I don't know how and why I named it as v32 instead of 52. My bad.