30 August 2015

Sangokushi v50 (ongoing)

Finally, volume 50 is complete, meaning I'm 83.3% done! Just 10 more volumes to go. Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to finish before the end of the year, but I'm more than confident I can wrap up Sangokushi in early 2016 (March at the latest). For those who don't like the series, thanks for patiently waiting (I'll do lots of short new manga next year), and for those who do like the series, the last leg of the journey will be no short of entertaining battles.

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Finally the big five-oh! Starting with a chapter of the Chinese version of Killing Private Ryan.
Kongming probably shouldn't have made him so conscious about his old age.
Where the hell is your own son during all of this?
Classic Kongming ruse.
At last, Jiang Wei enters the picture.
It's weird seeing Kongming lose for once. Not in the way that he and Liu Bei "lost" their lands pre-Red Cliffs, but flat out being surprised and beaten, despite probably having more troops.
There's been quite a few tricks to alienate officers from their commanders in the book so far, but I think this is one of the more outside-of-the-box methods, going so far as to use even fake refugees.

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  1. "As Xiahou Mao’s army approached, Zhuge Liang again hid himself in his command tent, refusing to come out. As officers made inquiries as to what to do from outside, all they heard from within was “Send Zhao Yun. Zhao Yun always works.”"

  2. missing page 90

    1. Thanks for the heads-up. It's fixed now.

  3. Is it weird that I don't want the series to end ???

    1. It's a good final 10 volumes though. Pretty much non-stop war and mindgames and hardly a single slow moment. I'll be a little sad to finish it too though.