24 June 2015

Historie Resumes!

Finally, Historie's back! Iwaaki says in the side-comments that he's been busy fixing the art up for the tankoban release of v9 which came out earlier this month. He also mentions he enjoyed the parasyte movies. As for v9 release, I think I'll get to it sometime this summer. Maybe late July or early August?

Historie c90:   Sendspace (missing page added)


  1. I LOVE YOU! Thanks :D

  2. Oh wow. I just got caught up to ch 89 a couple days ago and thought "I wonder how long this has been on hiatus, hope I don't have to wait long!" Then ch 90 gets released in no time! I picked a good time to get into this. xD Thanks for the scanlations!

  3. Great news! Looking forward to Vol 9!

  4. Thanks, always love Historie.