25 October 2014

Chinggis and Philip

Well, I (Happyscans is blameless) took a break last month, but here's this month's release of Chinggis Khan. Only 2 more volumes to go, so we'll probably finish it off by Christmas. If you've read Ratchnevsky's Genghis Khan, His Life and Legacy as I've recommended before, you'll find the sequence of events from Jamuka's election as Gurkhan to the campaigns against Tartars, Merkits, and Naimans in the Secret History of Mongols (which Yokoyama follows) pretty interesting. I get the feeling that a possible reason for the skewed order may be to make the anti-mongol/Kereit alliance look more like aggressors without a proper casus belli. In any case, I liked how Yokoyama gave more detail on Jamuka's actions and whereabouts. Makes it a lot easier to follow than the Secret History.
New Historie is also out, hurray! I've never heard of the shorter sarissa thing in any account for the Battle of Chaeronea, so if that's a thing that Iwaaki himself came up with, I'd have to say it's a pretty cool addition as I think the battle makes even more sense that way. Also, if you're interested at all in Greek hoplite warfare, A Storm of Spears by Christopher Matthew is a MUST. READ. It'll be interesting to see how military historians in the coming years will either adopt or argue against Matthews' exhaustive arguments. My bet is on the decline of literal othismos and overarm-supporters once the older generation of academics retire. V.D. Hanson can get rekt for all I care.

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  1. Thanks a lot man, i actually don't know how you do these so fast even with breaks.

  2. Thanks man, made my day with that historie

  3. There may be an issue with downloading chapter 81.

  4. Mucho gracias mi amigo!

  5. Vinland Saga, if you haven't already worked on it. Digital rip.


    1. Also, commemorative little doodle.


  6. BookWalker seems to host 6000px, 10mb covers.


    I've only been able to grab two from Google, but the others seem to vary between 1600 and 6000px. While I doubt this means that they sell 6000px scans, I thought you might be interested in having a large, possibly-upscaled (?) cover. However, you need a proxy, or someone with a JP IP to grab it for you. If you're able to grab them, please upload.

  7. Any recommendations on other historical fiction mangas? I started with Sangokushi, Historie, Vagabond, Vinland Saga, Chinggis Khan, took your recommendation of Kingdom serious. It was Hell. To catch up on all of that cost me so much time and brought as much joy. So i trust your judgement more than a Mangaupdates rating (which is intended to sound lauding.).

    1. Cesare
      Date Masamune (another Yokoyama one that happyscans finished a while back)
      Otoyomegatari (more of a romance/SoL story)
      Nobunaga no Chef
      Alexandros (not sure if you're aware of this short 1 volume manga that I did)

      Those are 5 solid historically themed series. You might as well watch Hyougemono too, since the manga's not gonna get translated for some time (it is on my to-do list though, for those wondering).

    2. What about Ad Astra - Scipio to Hannibal
      Hanzou no Mon
      The Lives of Eccentrics
      Tetsuwan Girl
      Kagemusha - Tokugawa Ieyasu
      Snow Ridge, Sword Dance
      The Legendary Musings of Professor Munakata
      The Black Knight Story
      Mitsurin Shounen
      Project X: 7-Eleven, Project X: Cup Noodle, Project X: Datsun Fairlady Z (contemporary history)
      Lone Wolf and Cub
      And Master Keaton?

      Granted some of these are more serious than others...

    3. The Project X series of documentary-manga was surprisingly really interesting. Never realized how 7-11 became so big in Japan.

    4. Yeah it leaves you wishing for more manga of that kind.

  8. Thanks alot guys! Otoyomegatari, Alexandros, Buddha, Azumi, Snow Ridge, Sword Dance and Lone Wolf and Cub i already read or catched up.
    But the rest seems pretty interesting!

    Though I am still curios, are there any Mangas depicting the history of the second sino-japanese war in more detail, than for example Shigeru Mizukis Showa: A history of Japan? I stumbled upon Kuni ga Moeru, but since there is no scanlation i am at a loss there.

    1. I really don't have any idea, the only thing that comes to my mind is that movie "The Men Behind the Sun", however i do think that Ratman did a great job depicting the deranged ways of the Japanese army on those times of war.

      I would love to know if you find another manga about this theme.

    2. I didn't intended to say Shigerus Manga was bad. But in some way, Shigerus treatment of delicate issues was a bit unsatisfying. He noted atrocities or policies which greatly affected how the war was fought and perceived, but didn't go any deeper.
      For example this Documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYQK98d0wQM is gruesome introduction into the omnipresence of war crimes by the japanese in China. It interviews many perpetrators, in a very calm way.

      If you are interested in great movies that depicted the second sino-japanese or wartime japan/china: The Devil's on the Doorstep (In my opinion one of the greatest anti-war movies), Nanjing! Nanjing! (aka. City of Life and Death; It is more like atrocity-porn. It has its strengths and weaknesses) and The Human Condition (a nearly 10 hour epos about surviving the fascist japan as a non-nationalist japanese).
      I guess historical fiction which is pretty well documented and still lingering in most of the SOA/EA states poses many difficulties for Mangakas.
      If I find some positive Mangas, I'll post them here of course.

    3. Interesting movies, bookmarked, also i had to google the term atrocity-porn, interesting then i guess most films about WW2 can fit in there. 10 hours... i don't even know in which year i will be able to watch that but i will have it in mind.

      Thanks man, i wish you success in your search.

  9. Vinland Saga 109 when?

  10. Hey, Hox, just checking if you got volume 4?

  11. Chinggis Khan looks interesting. Thanks!

  12. Historie c88's link is dead. Please upload if possible. Thanks.

  13. Oh, this link also seems to be dead again. If you could reupload this one as well, I'd be grateful! Thank you, Hox!

    1. This chapter is included as part of the last chapter of v9 so download that instead from my mega folder.