5 July 2014

Zhang Fei's Cunning

Volume 38 is finally done and uploaded, with the missing pages 17 and 52 added in. I gotta really pay attention to those mistakes... I know things are really heating up in the story, but I'm gonna be alternating Sangokushi with a new project I'm starting this month, the first volume of which should be out in 2 weeks or so. So expect v39 in August.

P.S. There was a Historie chapter for June. I just haven't gotten to it yet. I will this week though.

Sangokushi c249:   Sendspace
Sangokushi v38:   Mediafire;   Mega;   Sendspace
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  1. Thanks a lot for the news!

  2. New project, uhmm, I'm curious now...
    Thanks for the mew chapter!

  3. More Thoughts About Manga article?

    1. Yeah, I have several ideas for another Some Thoughts post but just haven't been able to get to it. I'll try my best for writing one this month.