24 June 2014

Sangokushi v38 (last updated July 3)

Time for v38. You're in for one entertaining volume full of Wei-Shu clashes.
It's nice to see Cao Hong learning from his past blunders, but it is odd to see Zhange He being so reckless. There was a brief clash between him and Ma Chao (after he took shelter with Zhang Lu of Hanzhong) in which he defeated Ma Chao so perhaps his overconfidence stemmed from that event.
Liu Bei might seem foolish for doubting his own brother, but I certainly think it's understandable. He's been burned  by Zhang Fei's drinking habits before and it never hurts to be too cautious.
Honestly, the most impressive thing about this battle isn't Zhang Fei's strategy but how easily Wei Yan was able to locate and ambush the ambushers, without tipping off Zhang He.
Like they have any choice in the matter... Still, these were the few opportunities that smart peasants throughout history could exploit to rise through the ranks, like with the local shepherd who became a noble for his help to the Christian Iberians at the Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa.
Classic Kongming.
The question is... If the flames engulfed the mountain, how did Huang Zhong and Yan Yan manage to not get fucked over? And how did they manage to actually capture the base and make use of its supplies, rather than having it all get burnt to a crisp?

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  1. I think you're missing page 52 in ch243.

    1. Right you are. I fucking HATE how I always make these sloppy mistakes, and what's worse is the fact that online sites will upload my hall-of-shame versions with mistranslated names and missing pages. What an embarrassment I am...

    2. Way too harsh, man! You do an excellent job. Everyone makes small mistakes and you always fix them. Besides those sites can always come back and upload the proper versions.

      Thanks for the update, keep up the great work!

  2. I was eagerly waiting for a new release! thanks for both Historie and Sangokushi!

  3. Hox I'm wondering since you did the whole ignore everything and focus on Joe, why not do that for this series as well? It's already ended anyways. I mean what's the worse that could happen? We fall 2-3 chapters behind in Vinland and Historie again?

    Oh and before people claim I'm biased, I don't even read Sangokushi.

  4. With Joe, there was only like 7 volumes to go and I was progressing at a pace I was dissatisfied with.. With Sangokushi, I've still got 22 volumes left and I'm going at a good pace (1 volume/month) so I don't feel any need to speed up.

    I suppose if I were to focus only on Sangokushi, I could get it done in just one more full year, but as the translator, I enjoy a change of pace every now and then.

    By the way, I hope you at least give Sangokushi a try. It's a great classic that continually manages to entertain new generations despite being centuries old.

    1. I think it succeeds in that partly *because* it is old. It's a classic adventure story the likes of which have become hard to find since the moe infestation of the 2000's and the medium increasingly catering to cellardwellers only instead of the general public. It's telling that some of the best stuff that's come out "recently" is based on books where there isn't as much pressure to make formulaic I-filled-the-checkboxes moeblobs.

    2. Pardon my poor English, but Sangokushi a.k.a Romance of the Three Kingdoms is of historical genre, not adventure. It does have elements of adventure, but it really isn't. It's popular through generations because it's rich with enduring values such as wisdom and virtue. Other than that, it's simply an interesting story well told.

      That you find fewer stuffs that cater to the mass is most likely because you're looking at the wrong place, or you simply mistake your preferences as mainstream while they're actually not. Big publishers ALWAYS cater to the mass, it doesn't make business sense to do otherwise.

      Comic adapted from book SHOULD be expected to have a better story simply because it was written by a writer, not an artist. Big difference.

  5. I see I did not realize there were still so many volumes of Sangokushi left. That is very understandable. I don't plan on reading Sangokushi until you finish it, since I dislike reading something then having to wait for updates when I know it's actually finished.

  6. Thanks a bunch, Hox!!! Keep them coming! :-)