6 May 2014

Sangokushi v37 (last updated May 23)

Balls of Steel. My apologies for the inaccurate translation of Gan Ning's line in p24. I just couldn't resist the opportunity. Also, the original book never explicitly mentioned Gan Ning was the first to scale the walls, and this may be another element of Japanese Sengoku-warfare showing up in Yokoyama's manga. The distinction of "first-to-scale-the-walls (ichiban-nori)" was an important honour that samurai fiercely competed over, though such distinctions weren't uncommon in other parts of the world.
Honestly, this line is so unnecessary, since we've seen such instances happen numerous times in this manga alone.
I made a mistake regarding c235's title in the table of contents at the start of the volume. It'll be fixed for the volume release.
A little bit unsure on the translation of this title. I think the simplified Chinese for "General who Oppresses the Enemy with Ferocity" is "Shechong Jiangjun (折冲将军), and Gan Ning was only awarded this title later on in the story. The original book nor SGZ never mentions Gan Ning gaining some other title after this raid with 100 soldiers. However, in this manga, he's given the title Heiryo Shogun (平慮將軍), which I suppose you could loosely translate to the former but it's not really the same thing. Agh, whatever. It doesn't really matter too much, I suppose.
It's interesting to note how Cao Cao didn't even try (or at least, the book makes no mention of it) to build a navy of his own for his Wu campaign this time.
The wonders of taoist sexual practices.
As weird as this incident is, Zuo Ci isn't a fictional character as he's also noted to be an eccentric taoist master in other historical sources. It's interesting to speculate what the real-life Zuo Ci might have actually done.

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  1. Yes finally my favorite title! Thank you very much!

  2. Thanks for releasing the last chapter !
    It's just missing page n°58 for chap 235.

    1. Fuck, I uploaded the old version with 3 other typos. It's fixed now.

  3. There's also a typo on page 54 of chapter 235. I guess it should say 'message' instead of 'messenger' at the bottom. Then the reply of of the messenger to Cao Cao's 'Thank you for making the long journey here' with 'Not at all' seems awkward to me...
    Great to see Sangokushi back, btw. I just wish you would have time for Zipang... ;) :)

    1. That was in the old version with 3 other typos like I said. You shouldn't have been able to download that if you downloaded after the time of my post above.