26 April 2014

Many Thoughts on Good Manga 10 (Tomorrow's Joe Complete)

At last. Despite being available in French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and several other languages for a long time, the unofficial English version of arguably one of the greatest and influential manga series is finally done. I say done, but that’s not quite so accurate since Happyscans and I’ll be re-doing the first 6 volumes as well as fixing all the typos and mistranslations I’ve made (the updated versions will be labeled as v2 in my mega folder). Now I’ve been meaning to do a some-thoughts-post on Tomorrow’s Joe for a while now, and I believe now’s the best time for that. So if you don’t want to get spoiled or don’t care about my opinions, the download links are right below.

Tomorrow’s Joe v20:   Mega; Sendspace
All previous volumes:   Mega

By the way, I'm surprised to realize that this is the longest post thing I've ever written. Much longer than the longest history term-papers I've written. My sleep-deprivation is making it hard for me to tell if what I've written sounds like really stupidly obvious stuff or far-fetched theories so I would appreciate hearing back from you guys. If you don't feel like slogging through my post, then ignore them and just share some comments, no matter how brief or long, on what you personally thought of Tomorrow's Joe.

20 April 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v19

Last volume will be out on 27th. Maybe a little earlier but we'll see. Won't say much now since I'm saving my thoughts for the final release.

Tomorrow's Joe v19:   Sendspace;   Mega

6 April 2014

Tomorrow's Joe v18

Just 2 more volumes to go! A lot of you won't be so thrilled about the coming fight with Harimau because his fighting style seems a little out of line within the realm of realism established so far in the manga, but just enjoy it for what it is and the whole purpose of the arc. If all goes well, v19 will be out next week.

Tomorrow's Joe v18:   Mega;   Sendspace
My Mega link for almost everything I've done, including previous Joe volumes: Click here