2 December 2013

Men und Panzer (last updated Dec. 29)

So this is a short 1-volume project that a guy asked me to do and I said yes because it's quite different from the stuff I usually translate. It's an action manga about a German panzer company on the Eastern Front in WWII after the German offensive has crumbled and the Soviets are about to start pushing them back. This isn't a story about character drama, politics, morals, or the tragedies of war. This is a dry, straight-to-the-point tank action story with nice art by Kobayashi Motofumi, the mangaka who drew Cat Shit One (aka Apocalypse Meow). If you like looking at tanks fighting other tanks, this is for you. If you need your weapons of destruction to be driven by little boys or girls, that's what anime is for.

I'll be releasing this chapter by chapter. There'll be 16 chapters for the main story, one chapter for tank data and misc info, and one extra-story at the end.
Panzer vor!
>tfw you hit an enemy tank 4 times while he kills you in one hit in WoT
What a badass. Appropriating panthers without giving one single fuck.
No matter the side nor the causes wars are fought for, the experiences of individual soldiers are so grimly fascinating.

I have no idea if "Porosech" is the correct romanization. My Russian skills are sadly non-existant.

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  1. Appreciate it Hox. Not sure if I'm the one who bugged you to translate this though.

  2. Great manga, Hox. Thank you :D

  3. "No rest for the Black Knights, iron coffins are all we have."

    Hard as shit.

  4. No more new chapters?

    1. http://hoxtranslations.blogspot.ca/2014/02/tomorrows-joe-v13-finally.html

      "I am hereby calling a temporary hiatus on everything I translate that's not called Tomorrow's Joe until it's finished."