1 December 2013

Busy December

As promised, it's December so it's time to get started on Sangokushi again! December's a good month for me, and I'm going to try to translate at least one chapter per day for various projects. So look forward to the month even if you don't read Sangokushi!

Also, Punpun won't be out until January (since the volume only goes on sale from Dec. 27) so please stop asking.
Absent from the manga is Xun You's opposition to Cao Cao's desire for the title "King of Wei," his subsequent falling-out and death.
How many times has Xu Chu saved Cao Cao's by now?
This is why you shouldn't be so quick to order your general's heads to be cut off, Cao Cao. Didn't you learn anything from that earlier time with Cao Hong?
Motherfucking Jia Xu, coming up with strategies left and right as usual.
In case you don't remember, Yang Song is the guy who also was bribed by Liu Bei in order to turn Ma Chao to his side.

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  1. "Anonymous18 October 2013 03:43

    A return to Joe? That means we're going to get Sangokushi v36 starting tomorrow *peers into crystal ball*

    Hox18 October 2013 03:57

    HOW DID YOU KNOW? Actually, this time I'm planning on getting the tl done for 2 volumes of Joe and send it all to my editor Arles before doing 1 volume of Sangokushi."

    A month and a half later than I predicted, but 'called it!'

    1. I actually did translate the Joe volumes. It's just with my editor right now.

    2. Any ETA regarding the when Arles will finish up? From what I gather, you've gotten it translated up to v14 and I imagine he/she's done with the kendo tournament by now.

      Don't mean to sound impatient (both of you are doing a splendid job) and real life naturally comes first, but the v13 part 2 cliffhanger is killing me :)

    3. Not sure about the whole volume but we just released v13 part 3. Part 4 should hopefully come next week.

    4. Whao, excellent timing thank you very much!

    Sangokushi is back

  3. No Punpun till 2014? Nooooo. I was kinda looking forward to reading it over Xmas again. It's the perfect xmas read, with all the joy and happiness and...uhm...