9 September 2013

Battle for Chengdu

Volume 35 is finally done and so is the conquest of Shu. Though Wei, Wu, and Shu are nominally still a part of Han, you can pretty much think of this as the start of the Three Kingdoms. For the volume release, I fixed the error with pages 174 and 175 of chapter 224, and I finally bothered to update and reorganize the cast of characters list. I took out most of the really minor characters and tried to make it more compact, with only 10 people per page. I know 99% of you don't really look at it, but for that 1% who originally requested I make some character chart, I hope you're finding it somewhat useful.

Also, volume 35 makes a pretty good stopping point, so I urge people who've still yet to try Sangokushi to not worry about the series length or update speed and give the first couple volumes a read. You can find all volumes here: mediafire.com/sangokushi

Sangokushi c225:   Sendspace
Sangokushi v35:   Sendspace;   Mediafire


  1. thank you for the update, I was previously put off by the length, the fact there is still a long way to go even with your nice scanlation speed. But I think I'll give it a go, at least up until the volume 35 and probably finish the rest when you complete it.

  2. awesome, thanks again hox

  3. Dear Hox,
    I'd like to thank you for the incredible job you're doing translating Sangokushi, a classic manga that I always wanted to read. You've mentioned a "volume release". Is this manga going to be published on paper one day? And if so, by whom?

    1. Haha, no, "volume release" just means when I finish translating the volume and put an upload link for the entire volume, instead of just the individual chapters.

      I highly doubt there's any English publisher crazy enough to put out 60 whole volumes of this.

  4. only recent i had discovery this series!! is amazing!!! i could read one hundred volume!!