24 August 2013

Historie Status Update

First off, let's all be glad that Historie had a new chapter this month! Woohoo! Apparently, as the author's note states, Iwaaki's workplace had a leak and "a lot" got wet and had to be salvaged. Also, in the aftermath of the affair, he also seems to have strained his body and had to allow his body to recuperate. For this reason, I assume, the last page of this Historie chapter now says it is on a bi-monthly schedule, meaning a chapter every other month. I don't know if this is temporary but I very much hope so, or we'll never see this manga end. Also, Historie v8 just went on sale in Japan, so I'll eventually try to put out better scanlations using the tankoban raws when I can find it like I did with v7.

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  1. Yay! Thanks Hox

  2. That's really sad to read... but thanks for your efforts Hox!

  3. Thanks for the chapter. I've been wondering, why does the mangaka chose to make Hephaeston a personality of Alexander rather than a real person?

    1. Because Japanese manga audiences aren't too into gay, only fujoshis are and Iwaaki doesn't draw remotely well enough for fan service.

    2. Because the author perhaps wants his own unique spin on Alexander the magnanimous warrior-king and Alexander the quick-tempered drunkard tyrant.

    3. Implying Iwaaki will ever get to Alexander becoming a drunkard let alone dying.

      Sorry but regardless of excuses, the man releases near Miura level, with less than a third of the work effort put in.

      You can't even defend story telling because he's simply building upon a historical time line (with very minor alterations compared to other historical series), while Miura has to make his own crazy shit up. Which is 'better' has no bearing on a person's work rate, that's all subjective.

      Iwaaki is like the Togashi of historical/seinen manga, and I don't get how he gets that right given he probably didn't save a magazine publisher from going bankrupt by himself.

      The only historical series that releases as slow as Historie is Cesare, and I have no idea if that is because Cesare's mangaka is slow, or if it's the scanlator's pace.

      Still, THIS particular release is not his fault. But it's not like it was going to come out every month even if his studio wasn't right beside splash mountain.

    4. @anon
      1- The current fantasy arc of Berserk is quite disappointing, as far as "crazy shit" goes he is not really delivering at all, under your logic thus that should be made a weekly release, but is not, why? because that is not how things work.

      2- That he is working over an historical time line doesn't mean that is going to come faster, same shit as the previous point with berserk.

      3- What has Togashi to do here? just because he likes to go and take his time too? that the HxH late chapters were sketchy too, since like as far as plot goes this is just what you could get, and now in desperation you bring stories of bankruptcy? so if he saves a publisher then he instantly becomes entitled to take as long as he wants working? i don't see the relation here.

      4- so under that logic if all other series had slow releases everything would be ok? Cesare could be released daily and it would mean nothing!

      Lastly he can take as long as he sees fit to deliver his stuff, is his work and his problem to see how he would manage his business, all the more for someone that thinks that this series is not as good as your other so called comparisons, matter of fact if you are so frustrated over this series release peace, and believe that is not as good to take so much time in the making, you should complain less and find something else to do with your free time, if this mangaka is not good enough for you, to make you wait for him to finish his work, then just don't fucking do it, and move on with something else.

    5. @Doomroar

      1. You are using your opinion as subjective bias, and have no objective evidence in your claims. Please refrain from such non-sense less you be seen as ignorant. Berserk at the very least, delivers far more artistic detail than Historie ever will, that is something that can be proven as a fact.

      2. Wrong, a historical time line means the story's main plot is written for you. It is significantly easier to work with an existing base than to create a new one. Or do you wanna tell me cooking by raising animals then using them for meat is easier than buying meat from the supermarket?

      3. Yes he does, I can see you lack understanding of the situation yet still chose to stick your nose in without Googling (a common trait among lazy people). Togashi saved WSJ magazine when it was on the verge of bankruptcy by his former work Yu Yu Hakusho alone because at the time there was nothing else in Jump worth reading.

      He was rewarded with a contract after Yu Yu Hakusho ended that allowed him to do whatever he want basically, no dead lines no page requirements no art requirements. He may not make as much as Oda, but he's basically been given more leniency than Oda.

      4. Actually if Cesare was released daily it would mean the mangaka works harder than Iwaaki. If you cannot understand this you are brain dead.

      Lastly you talk non sense on managing his business. Iwaaki does not own the magazine publisher. He is simply an artist working for them. You are incredibly delusional if you believe what you just said and have zero knowledge of the real world.

      And lol, you can take your own advice because you are wasting just as much time as I am, except you do not understand how the real world works which is a blatant sign which one of us actually is successful in life.

      I am not complaining, nor frustrated. I'm just heavy handed with my posts and it's all accurate. What you are doing is blindly defending as a fan boy acting like you have a life when your very actions contradict that.

      I'm typing this in my office while on break. Where were you when you made your wall of text?

    6. @anon
      1- same bias as yours.

      2- unlike a made up story, one that is based on historical facts actually requires research, which actually consumes lots of time, if you don't understand this concept, is clear that you are the delusional one here.

      3- It still doesn't matter if Togashi saved his publisher, is Iwaaki's problem to see how long he will take making his manga, is his job and he will see how he does it, if he gets fired by it is up to him, but he is not.

      4- It still doesn't matter if the author of Cesare works herself to death making her work, the correlation to Iwaaki is still null.

      In the end is up to Iwaaki to see how he makes his manga and if the publisher decides to get in the way he can always change magazines, not the first time it happens neither the last.

      Oh? so now you are not complaining, talk about bipolar, your only accurate fact is the one with Togashi, and it has still nothing to do here, again if Iwaaki wants to can just change publisher.

      And i was obviously in my house since is a goddamn sunday, but is good to see that at least you enjoy your 24/7 job, i will make sure to not end an slave that has to work his sundays like you once i graduate from civil engineering.

    7. But, Doomroar, not everything is subjective. Miura being more detailed than Iwaaki isn't just bias.

      He was setting up a reference point between Togashi and Iwaaki. Togashi's done A, so what has Iwaaki done to deserve the same treatment? Basically, he was asking in a roundabout way, "Why does Iwaaki get so many breaks-- has he done something so wonderful that it won the heart of his boss?". Are you telling me that each and every manga situation is so different that you can't compare it to another person's?

      Also, I don't think changing publishers is as easy as you're setting it up to be. Given, I know close to nothing about Japan's legal system, but I'm pretty sure the publishing company has more say in it than "You're leaving? GOOD LUCK MUTHAPHUKKA."

    8. Since a lot of people are clearly confused about Iwaaki's situation, let me elaborate. He is respected and successful mangaka in Japan. He won some awards, even prestigious Tezuka Osamu Award. His manga Kiseijuu (Parasyte) sold more than ten million copies. He already has great mangaka career behind him.

      Editor values him because he is incredible storyteller who can create great stories for adults which actually sells a lot. Now, he is getting old and he draws mostly without assistants so he told his publisher beforehand that Historie will take a while.

      His art may be "less detailed" than Miura's (except for eyes, when Iwaaki does a detail of eye, nobody can compare to him) but I personally find his storytelling style more interesting, better handled and developed and more constant than Miura's. But ti be honest, Iwaaki's art is very appealing in its own way.

      I think you need to accept that this is how he creates his work. He takes his time to make sure everything is like he wants it - carefully developed story, etc. He never claimed to release forty pages a month so I don't really see a problem in his schedule. Everyone is slightly different from others and while it may sound old, creating art truly takes time. I don't have a problem waiting for Iwaaki because he already proven to be worth of my patience. It depends on everyone, really, but if you just can't take it, then maybe you should drop Historie since it frustrates you so deeply. Or just wait for volume to come out every year and half or so.

    9. I agree anon, i have to accept that the drawings of Miura have more detail, but it still doesn't change the point that goes behind all this, and is a release schedule, and that is what i am defending here, most of the time that goes into making a work changes from author to author, and that sadly makes it hard to correlate, so to compare him with Miura or the author of Cesare is just inefficient.

      As "You Say" just said, Iwaaki is good enough to give himself his own time making his work, and again if it gets to the point that the publisher gets in the way he can change editorials (not like he has a problem with his current company anyway this is just a theoretical situation), but that is still there, that he is good enough, and thus again Togashi doesn't comes to play, if Iwaaki was a bad mangaka with stories as simple as his backgrounds, then yeah fuck him, the nerve of this guy making us all wait, but he is not, we can wait for him to make his manga, he has earned it, it may not be as extreme as Togashi's case, but he still can give himself that privilege, now whatever you feel him being overrated or not, is again subjective, it remains at the end of the day that he is an esteemed author.

  4. Oh no he is one of my favorites mangakas, damn why? WHY?!!!! i hope it was nothing serious.

    Thanks for the chapter man.

  5. I completely forgot what happened in the past chap... This lazy ass mangaka isn't japanese-like at all! Much like togashi (HxH) and berserk's.

  6. I wish you translated the panel on teh right of the 6th page, about the story so far, just to give us quick reminder about the past chapters...

  7. v8 raw is out, I posted on jcafe

  8. Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  9. Yeah, it's still way long until the first diadochi war. I hope everything goes well.

  10. >Reads VS #96<

    >sobs uncontrollably<

  11. Hox, If you could find time to translate volume 8 of Historie, it would be awesome! I've read every volume you've done so far, but stoped at 7th.. thx in advance for the awesome stuff you do

  12. Thank's for your information and i like yoe post ^___^

  13. Link is dead. Please re-upload if possible. Thanks.