5 March 2013

Alabaster Volume 1

Here it is folks, volume 1 of Alabaster! I hope the rather long delay between releases hasn't caused you to forget about this one, as Happyscans and I hope to wrap this series up with its 2nd volume before the end of the month. Speaking of Tezuka and Happyscans, you should check out their site as they recently released New Treasure Island, a monumental work not only to Tezuka's career but to manga as we now know it today.

*Update: Next volume of Zero is set to come out in Japan on Mar 15 but I'm going to spend most of my efforts this month on getting the last volume of Alabaster done before I move onto that (so think late March).

Alabaster volume 1:   Sendspace;   Depositfiles;    Mediafire


  1. Thanks! I had been waiting for this one.

  2. Gosh, back when you released the first chapter you weren't kidding when you said Alabaster was dark! And I thought Black Jack was dark... The last few pages are particularly horrifying.

    1. Black Jack was dark?

      I'm sorry, but were we reading the same series?

    2. I don't know whether we did. The Black Jack I read covered the following themes: the moral dilemma of assisted suicide, racism, corruption in the hospital system, sex change, death, apathy in society, the degradation of the Earth's environment, nuclear testing, the role of doctors as life-savers vs. professionals, choosing to save one life over another, disenchantment with the medical profession... and not to mention the diseases, accidents and ailments described in graphic, bloody detail.

      Not exactly Princess Knight, I think.

  3. Awesome! thank you!