30 August 2012

Dino Love

Rawr! What're we gonna do on the bed!?
Finally a manga that satisfies section #3 of my criteria for what-to-translate! I wasn't planning nor even aware of this non-H (sadly) doujin about Female Dinos in a high school setting, but when I saw it this afternoon on the internet, I knew I had to translate it then and there. So here it is, The Young Maiden in Love is a Carnivore, by Hikojibeya! Not much else to say since the premise and art speaks for itself, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

P.S. Oh, the last few pages are stuff by the author explaining some more details (phones, chips, morals) about his fictional universe. It's actually pretty interesting but I was too lazy to translate it. Forgive me for that.

The Young Maiden in Love is a Carnivore:   Minus;   Sendspace (Reuploaded since I had two page 13s)


  1. When I look up his name on Google, there are plenty of results saying his name is read as Hikoji Heya.

    1. Oh I see. I was little confused how to pronounce it too, but I just went with how the raw uploader named his file.

  2. I... uhhh.... ?

  3. Oh, what a relief that this is non-h, I still have to get over the shock the Berserk doujin you translated gave me...

  4. I have high expectations for this...
    Thank you.

  5. An incredible opportunity was missed by not having Tyrami running to school with that meat in her mouth.

    But ahh, young love. That was good.

  6. absurdity maybe the only thing that would make me read a non-h manga about high school girls, with that said that means this is indeed awesomeness!!!

  7. Oh you, lazy Hox...
    thanks for this fine read.

  8. kinda wanted this to be H