2 July 2012

Sangokushi v28 (last updated July 12)

Time to start Sangokushi v28! Two things I want to mention for now. One is about Liu Xian, as pictured above. If you can make out the chinese characters written on the flag, you'll notice that it actually reads Liu Yan, who's actually an entirely different person (never depicted in this manga, but was the administrator of Dong commandery). Now don't start blaming Yokoyama or even Yoshikawa Eiji for this, because the one responsible for this is actually is the Ming-dynasty historian/scholar Li Zhi. In his edition, he changed Liu Xian to Liu Yan for some reason, and this change made its way into Yoshikawa Eiji's translation, and from there to this manga. Of course, it doesn't really matter too much considering Liu Xian was purely a fictional character, but it's still interesting if you're RotK fan. In any case, I went with Luo Guangzhong's version, so he'll be called Liu Xian in this English translation.
The other thing I want to mention is something I forgot to say back when I released v27. As the above picture shows, there's a couple characters in Sangokushi that go through rather "drastic" changes if they don't appear for many, many volumes. Wang Yun and Cao Hong are the other ones I can recall from the top of my head. That's it for now, expect a chapter every other day until v31 is done!
Page 39 confused me because I thought the guy above was Xing Daorong until I noticed the goatee difference.
Such a kid, that Zhang Fei.
All jokes about Zhao Zilong's supposed homosexuality aside, widow's chastity was a big issue in Han-China, though probably not carried out in practice too often.
I feel a little sorry for Jin Xuan. Dying a perhaps futile death but "honourable" death is common throughout history but spin it the other way, and your subject becomes a selfish stubborn man who values idealistic nonsense over the very real lives of many.
What's a story without the archetypical badass-old man?

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  1. Thanks for the release. Bean waiting forever.

    I think there is a problem with page 14, it is smaller then the other pages.

    1. Woops, my bad. I'll get that fixed for the batch volume release.

    2. page 136 also have the same problem.

    3. Thanks for letting me know.

  2. "Hey Butthead, who's the administrator of Dong commandery?"

    "Shut up, Beavis.."

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