14 July 2012

4 out of 5

Chapter 167 is out, bringing volume 28 to a close. Only one more general to go before we complete the 5 Tiger Generals collectibles set! The other thing I want to mention is the deal with Wei Yan. You may or may not remember, but he technically appeared in the manga way back in volume 23 in p46-49.
The reasons as to why Yokoyama left him unnamed at this point isn't too hard to theorize if you're already aware of Wei Yan's fate, but Zhuge Liang's objection at the last chapter of volume 28 comes across as painfully even more bullshit if you keep Wei Yan's earlier appearance in mind. Not only did Wei Yan already try to help Liu Bei in this past incident, but Zhuge Liang also had no problem at all with Liu Bei rewarding Gong Zhi for his betrayal of Wuling's governor Jin Xuan in chapter 165 (Zhang Fei Captures Wuling). Of course, like many other events, Zhuge Liang's remark is purely fictional to spice up the story, but I just felt I had to point it out because Wei Yan seems to get a bad rep. Poor Wei Yan.

Sangokushi v28:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c167:   Mediafire


  1. The MF link is to v27 and not v28.

    Thanks for your hard work man!

    1. Fuck, that's embarrassing. It's fixed now.

  2. FUCK YEAH! thank you Hox!

  3. This manga is SO good! I loved this volume