16 April 2012

Tomorrow's Joe v09 (last updated May 22)

Sorry for the short delay in between finishing v8 and starting v9. This volume's a transitional one between parts 1&2, and though it doesn't have any real fights, it's got some real special moments that really make Tomorrow's Joe stand so far apart from your average shounen manga.
And so ends part 1.
Those reporters never cease to annoy me.
American Rikiishi.
For a minor character, Gondou's quite memorable. Something about that character design.

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  1. ^True that. This manga deals with grief and suffering in a more consistent and beautiful way than many.

    I started reading AnJ after trying out your last release, so I was craving the update.

  2. Awesome! more Joe!

  3. Feared Tomorrow's Joe was in for another delay. Great job on this release.

  4. Thanks!
    Any idea when you can put out the last volume of Franken Fran?

  5. Thank you again kind sir, this manga surprises me more and more each passing chapter. I'm really eager to see how Joe's going to handle the consequences of Rikiishi's tragedy.

  6. I will never forgive you for quenching my thirst for more Joe so quickly, you are too good a person.

  7. Thank you man. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

  8. Thank you for your translations!

  9. Wow, thanks again!

  10. Hox, thank you so much for everything you're doing! You're like way too much of a generous and fucking awesome person. If I was gay and knew you in real life, I'd consider not being gay anymore, so it wouldn't be awkward for us to hang out. You know, sexual tension and all.

    Now, with the weird stuff out of the way I'd like to direct your attention to this www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=5709 and this www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=26575.

    It's about a wee little boy growing up in a slum getting more and more sick of the corruption surrounding him. Both manga portray his full life essentially. Whereas the first shows him going through his school years and teenhood, making the world a better place little by little in the process. The other deals with him being the figure head of a rebellious revolution aiming to get rid of the rotten powers that be. Throughout all of this his fist becomes somewhat of a trademark symbol. This is illustrated quite nicely by both given volume covers to the right. At first he's doing the gesture in question all alone by himself. Later it's used as sort of a greeting for everyone that knows him. But then it becomes something more. Symbolizing freedom, independence and loyalty towards him acted out by his followers, if you will.

    Kotonoha did the first 9 chapters before seemingly having dropped it about 2 years ago. It was never picked up by anyone again after that.

    I thought I'd let you know since it seems like the kind of manga you'd take under your wing. If you can't then I at the very least made you aware of Kiichi!!'s existence if you weren't already.

    You're doing a great job. Please keep it up.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, I am not only aware of, but am also quite a fan of Arai Hideki's works. I really can't give you a definitive answer as to when I'll start up some of them at the moment but I can say that the first Arai Hideki manga I would do (if it hasn't been done by the time I start) is finish up The World is Mine.

    3. Immensly glad to hear you're a fan of his works already and good to know you'll be working on his manga eventually.

      Also, regarding "The World is Mine", it'd be nice to see someone picking up from where KEFI left off. Their departure from the scanlation world was a sad day indeed. They put extraordinary effort into their projects. If it weren't for them I could have never become a fan of "Piano no Mori" and "The World is Mine" respectively. Thank god "Ping Pong" was already finished before they disbanded and then later truly completed with your help.

      With you behind "The World is Mine" as a project noone will have to worry about the translation quality either which is always a threat to good manga, manwha and manhua if they haven't ever been officially published in western countries.

      Scanlation groups are all we can trust in at that point, after all. To give us accurate translations and, at the very least, a glimmer of resemblence from what the project looked like in its country of origin, is what a fan of this medium always has to hope for. Short of learning the language there's really no two ways about it.

      So, thanks for being so accurate and awesome. It is essential to the enjoyment that stems from your projects.

  11. thank you very much!

  12. Any news on the new vinland saga this month?

  13. Thank you very much... I was lookin' for this translation for month. This manga's really awesome.

    Thank you once again,

    Best regards from Belgium.

  14. Thank you very much you kind faggot.

  15. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  16. Dat dancing Rikiishi.

  17. Wow, part 5 was definitely worth the wait. Very interested to see where the manga goes from here.

    Gondou definitely leaves an impression in the manga. A great streetwise character in a pretty streetwise manga (circa 1970, of course).