14 March 2012

Mathematical Girls Volume 2

Well, after over a month of my intended promise to finish this manga, it's time I get off my ass and actually finish it (hopefully before the end of next week). The math in this volume will mostly be sequence/series stuff so I hope you enjoy it.

Some other minor status updates:
Zero v3 is set to come out in Japan Mar. 16 so raws should be out shortly after that. As for Joe, I just finished translating the rest of v8 so the full volume should probably be out before the end of next week, I think. Lastly, I'll get working on the next Sangokushi once Math Girls is done.

Chapter 9 is now out. By the way, you can see an alternative geometric proof of the relationship between arithmetic and geometric means of two numbers here. 
Wouldn't such a statement have to assume that space is finite? Or could space be infinite but the number of stars finite?
Can you spot the mistaken assumption with the protag's line of logic?
Forgive me for this lame pun.

Mathematics Girls c008:   Mediafire
Mathematics Girls c009:   Mediafire
Mathematics Girls c010:   Mediafire
Mathematics Girls c011-012:   Mediafire
Mathematics Girls c013:   Mediafire


  1. Thanks a ton. I have been waiting for you to get back to this.

  2. Thank you greatly for this. I hadn't heard of this before but now I'm all caught up and eager to see what happens next.

  3. Thanks a lot for the wonderful chapter. As an Otaku-Mathematician this novel has a special meaning for me. Again thanks for your hard work.

  4. Yes, that's the spirits!!! Thanks you <3

  5. w00t! Thanks for the new chapter! :D

  6. I started on this manga today, and I have read up to chapter 3 As I am currently serving conscription in a small little city state, I am starting to lose my intuition, hopes and aspirations of becoming an academic.
    Thanks to you guys, the translators, and the manga writer and artist, I have started to find colour in my life again.
    I like the elegant proof on the derivation of the double angle formulae.
    Thank you very much, and trough I have nothing to give you in return, I would continue to support your translation on this project.
    Thanks once again guys.

  7. Évariste Galois15 March 2012 at 12:32

    Thank you for the translations!

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. I had started to lose my drive in my academics, but after reading this.. I know that math can both suck and be amazing at the same time.. ^_^ Love it :)

  9. I did not expect the new chapter so quick. Thanks a lot. Happy to see the good feelings that the novel is inspiring.

  10. Can you spot the mistaken assumption with the protag's line of logic.

    add a comma, let r and s be a real*(i am assuming that we are dealing with real numbers only) number, but x =/= (1/s) or (1/r)
    let x=(1/r). Then for the equation (1-rx
    )^-1=f(x), f(x) will tend towards infinity, which is not what the solver is looking for.

  11. do you have JCafe account ?

    there seems to be one extra Mirai Nikki byside (Mosaic-2, not just Mosaic or Paradox)

    which seems not to be available elsewhere...

    1. Sorry, I'm confused as hell as to where to actually download it as I don't see a link. Maybe you're referring to either the special chapter (http://www.mediafire.com/?o6lc92edxq55wxu) or the Hanako crossover (http://www.mediafire.com/?arwx00xi2p3eav7)?

    2. neither me.

      the text there claims that links there are but only visible to long-time participants of the forums.
      Since i am not - i thought i cannot see the links due to lack of permissions.

      Did u looked the link on JCafe as anonymous or do u have strong account there ?

      Frankly some more sites claim that mangaka did released Mosaic-2, but i did not saw neither raw scans nor scanlations for it, except for that forum.

      I saw both crossover and special, thanks. The thing that fascinating me is references to yet another work in that universe. Pity that it cannot be found. Maybe you'd be able to get it in Japanese internet section...

      a bit from google results

      http://mangahelpers.com/t/vaendryl/releases/31320 still no RAWs

    3. just made a reply but cannot see it

      i wonder was it hidden or was it deleted...

    4. okay. would not re-type the message, but would try to re-show most links.


    5. Hope you'd take a look at those. Mirai Nikki Universe is unusual and worth doing complete scanlation i guess.

      Besides that, MathGirls v1 p057 - "everyTime" :-)

  12. Joe's on a huge cliffhanger, so I'm hoping it gets released any day now.

    1. by "any day now" did you mean the following day? hurhurhur

  13. Looks like there's a kickstarter for the manga: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1080482277/math-girls-comic-0

  14. I saw this today. I hope they'll reach their goal.