25 March 2012

Gyanki-Hen Volume 3 (last updated Apr.4)

After 3 months, it's time for some more Zero and there's some great chapters coming up ahead. The 100-card poker game wraps up nicely all in this volume so you won't have to worry about being left in a cliff-hanger this time.
Aww, it's dreaming.
Doushio, Zero-chan?
Well now you know!
Sakura's such a better sidekick than Zero's lame-ass friends in part 1.
She really could've made this a lot less inconspicuous.

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20 March 2012

Joe vs Rikiishi

I know it must have seemed like forever for some of you, but hopefully the climactic fight between Joe and Rikiishi is enough to make up for it. I won't make any further comments on the volume for now in case I accidentally spoil anyone so I'll just shut up here and give you the link.

Tomorrow's Joe v08 (batch volume):   Mediafire
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At last, Mathematical Girls v2 is fully scanlated, meaning that I can add another one to my completed projects list. Although I initially picked this on a whim after being inspired by the graphic novel, Logicomix, I'm glad I did as I've become more familiar with Japanese mathematics terminology as a result. Although the second volume was a little lacking in the delicious mathematical double entendres that made the first volume so enjoyable, I felt it was nonetheless a good conclusion, especially with the unique-prime-factorization theorem encountered in v1 being used to prove the infinitude of primes.

Now I've been informed that this manga has been licensed by Bento Books, the same publisher who released the English-translation of the Math Girls novel by Yuuki Hiroshi (which I haven't bought yet but am planning to). So not to sound like an ad or anything, this is a great chance to show companies that niche stuff can sell as well so I hope some of you will go and buy the book and/or the manga when it's released. I'm not sure if they have plans for releasing the sequel manga-adaptations (each done by a different mangaka) but if not, perhaps I'll get to it in the distant future. For now, I've got other project that require my immediate attention.

Oh, some minor translation notes I should mention. I couldn't really think of anything better so I ended up going with "partition" for the slightly slang-word for divide that the protagonist uses in the original Japanese. I still think its meaning in the last chapter more or less gets across but the pun involving the chicken on page 163 doesn't. Also, I'm pretty sure Milka calls Euler her master in reference to Laplace's quote, "Read Euler, read Euler. He is the master of us all."

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14 March 2012

Mathematical Girls Volume 2

Well, after over a month of my intended promise to finish this manga, it's time I get off my ass and actually finish it (hopefully before the end of next week). The math in this volume will mostly be sequence/series stuff so I hope you enjoy it.

Some other minor status updates:
Zero v3 is set to come out in Japan Mar. 16 so raws should be out shortly after that. As for Joe, I just finished translating the rest of v8 so the full volume should probably be out before the end of next week, I think. Lastly, I'll get working on the next Sangokushi once Math Girls is done.

Chapter 9 is now out. By the way, you can see an alternative geometric proof of the relationship between arithmetic and geometric means of two numbers here. 
Wouldn't such a statement have to assume that space is finite? Or could space be infinite but the number of stars finite?
Can you spot the mistaken assumption with the protag's line of logic?
Forgive me for this lame pun.

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