3 September 2011

Franken Fran, Now With 100% More Furry.

Franken Fran c56 is out, thanks to Amuro. As for Zero c7, haven't seen any raws this week which would probably mean that there was a break so c7 should come out next week.

Small Zero update: c7 actually was released last week, and c8 was also released this week. However, the guy who usually scans them and puts them up on the internet seems to be either gone or not scanning Zero anymore for some reason. So unless situations change, looks like doing volume releases may be my only option now.

Franken Fran c56:   Mediafire


  1. thanks a lot, it's a familiar motif but still thrills me.

  2. man I LOLed at the image! thx m9 ;)

  3. Can't you find Zero scans anywhere else on the net? That'd be a shame.

  4. fran is always funny. macabre humor o_o

  5. Yo! Hox, i have some good news!

    Looks like the 9th Volume of Oyasumi Punpun will be released in Japan next month! And from what I understood with a "google translation" of the summary in Amazon's page, it seems it will be the final volume of the series, can you confirm it?


  6. No, nothing on that page says it's the final volume, I believe. Perhaps google translation is messing up the "latest installment" to mean the end or something.

  7. I was wondering what happened to Zero.
    Thanks for the notice.