4 August 2011

Prime Factorization (last updated Aug. 8)

So here I was, trying to enjoy my semi-break by fixing up all the dead blank pages on this site which I haven't done ever since the move to blogspot (the pages are all fixed now, I even added manga art style quiz #14), when all of a sudden I learn there's a graphic novel called Logicomix which loosely adapts the life of Bertrand motherfucking Russell, the famous mathematician/logician/philosopher. Considering I've always liked math, the graphic novel certainly didn't disappoint, so much so that I was inspired to pick up a new project, despite the fact that I should be working on Sangokushi, Tomorrow's Joe, or just trying to relax. But it's only 2-volumes long so I felt that I could take on this manga which has been on my to-translate list for quite a while now.
Most rewarding and interesting single page I've translated so far in my scanlation career
The manga is called Mathematical Girls (Suugaku Girls) and, as the above page shows, it's about math! Not just about prime factorization, but other areas of math which you'll see in future chapters. Hurray! And unlike certain stories or shows which merely use math as a backdrop for the actual story, every chapter of this manga has enough math in it to make it feel like that's the main focus (though it is used to advance the story as well). Hurray again! Although the first two chapters of this had been previously scanlated by EdMX translations, the group has since been listed as inactive on mangaupdates.com so I've decided to pick it up. I hope he won't mind but if he does, I won't care since I like to translate whatever I like. Plus, he seems to be busy translating the OreImo PSP game. In any case, I'm picking up where he left off so here's chapter 3. I'll try to finish this project as quickly as my free time will allow me. If there are any math majors or people just knowledgeable about math, please do correct me if I use wrong terminology or other such errors. I wouldn't want to piss off people by doing something like interchangeably using axioms with postulates for all cases.

Brief Translation note: Unlike EdMX, I've decided to translate Tetora's name as Tetra, since that fits the math-tone much better. As for Miruka, I was trying to google to see if that might be a reference to anything math-related but came up with only Milka, a brand of milk chocolate. So I'll leave her name as Miruka. Also, I'm leaving in terms senpai and kouhai untranslated because I always felt those terms were too awkward when translated in English.

Chapter 4 is now out. Never thought of using rotation matrices to derive the double-angle identities before.
I'm ashamed to admit I didn't know the difference between an equation and an identity before translating this chapter.
All these mathematical concepts and terms being used as double-entendres for relationship ideas are both nerdy and great.

Mathematical Girls c01-02 (by EdMX):   Mediafire
Mathematical Girls c03:   Mediafire
Mathematical Girls c04:   Mediafire
Mathematical Girls c05:   Mediafire
Mathematical Girls c06:   Mediafire


  1. Logicomix was awesome, especially the Wittgenstein chapter.

    Thanks for translating this, it seems like it might be pretty neat! I'm no math major, but being a phil major I've started studying some logic recently as well as some set theory, so this is relevant to my interests.

  2. A manga about math. This is weird...

  3. Math and romance? Whoa, what an odd combination! I should try it (even though I'm studying Biological Science, I actually like Math more >_<)

  4. I gotta say I luahged when I saw picture #7 in the quiz 14.

  5. Well, considering I'm trying to pick out as many unique artstyles as possible, it would have been weird not to include an artist best distinguished for his ahegao depiction.

  6. well, this is certainly underwhelming...I was expecting you to pick up Himizu or Glaucos or Hyouge Mono...

    ...sorry, I know I come of as kind of a dick but you're the bright light shining in the pitch black darkness when it comes to scanlations.

    this does look quite unique and I'll give it a try.

    Thank you for all the work you put out.

  7. Hox is such a bro. I was waiting for more of this.

  8. #1 => clueless XD
    #2 => inoue kazurou (?)
    #3 => chiba tetsuya(?)
    #4 => akamatsu ken
    #5 => tamiki wakaki
    #6 => clueless... again
    #7 => even though i have over 90 GB of h manga (sorted by author) i just can't assign that ahegao to a name xD
    8 => range murata (?)
    #9 => mitsuteru yokoyama
    #10 => fujita kazuhiro (?)

    BTW i am reading almost whatever you decide to pick up... it has proven to be a good strategy ;) thank you!

    1. The list is really helpful but i come here for that lucky #7. http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/166/752/soclose.jpg?1314381160

  9. Thanks for the chapter!

    BTW, I'd just like to point out that the "Manga Recommendations" link directs to the Manga Quiz.

  10. Hey Hox, when are you going to do "Manga Art quiz" threads in /a/ again?

  11. Also, anyone who doesn't recognize Shindo L's trademark Oh faces in that art quiz needs to watch more hentai.

    Not that being unable to recognize ahegaos from a random porn artist is something you should criticize yourself for.

  12. "...Not that being unable to recognize ahegaos from a random porn artist is something you should criticize yourself for."

    ^ actually it could be the other way arround xD

  13. Math major here, this is awesome, thanks for translating this. I hope you'll consider doing the sequels too.

  14. Sorry for nitpicking, but on page 116 I see
    "Equation: Holds true for any value of variables.
    Identity: Holds true for only some value of variables."

    Is this right? They seem to be saying the opposite of that even in the previous panel.

  15. Fuck, my bad. It's fixed now. I now also see I made a few minor grammar typos in previous chapters but the batch volume 1 will fix all of them.

  16. Aug. 8 -- Chapter 5 on MF is a dead link. Just lettin' ya know. I like this project! Thanks

  17. Oops, now it's fixed. nvm...

  18. Try to do a little better research on the name "Milka". It's a very common Slavic female name.
    (The basic form is "Mila". "Milica" and "Milka" are variations.)

  19. @Damir:

    Actually, no. The common slavic female name Milica/Milka is written as ミリツァ and rarely, if ever, as ミルか in Japanese. So I won't change the name as to not preclude the possibility that it's just an odd Japanese name.

  20. Man this manga makes me feel like a nerd.

    There's an equation on chapter 6, page 9 that's missing the x; it should be
    x^2 - (α+β)x + αβ = 0 Summation form

    I dunno who's mistake it is so if the author did it don't worry.

  21. >That feel when you're a fucking accident at math and can't fully appreciate Mathematical Girls

    Feels bad, man.

  22. Good eye. That's a mistake on the author's part.

  23. >well, this is certainly underwhelming...I was expecting you to pick up Himizu or Glaucos or Hyouge Mono...
    I would fucking LOVE to see a scanlation of Glaucos, but if I remember correctly, Hox said he doesn't like it.
    Well, beggars can't be choosers. I still hope someone will finish that manga, as far as I know there's only 1 or 2 volumes left, I would even pay for it.

  24. Wow, I only noticed this now. D:

    Hey there, it's EdMX from GTeam. I actually did the first two chapters on a whim to try and "branch out" from translating doujinshi and whatnot... but then RL kicked in and I couldn't really continue on it. I actually really appreciate that you picked it up and even bothered to mention me in the credits for the first two chapters.

    It's a really interesting albeit nerdy manga, but I hope everyone will enjoy reading it. :)

    Thanks, again!

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  26. I need the artstyle name of #7 on manga artsytle quiz #14. i want to try it out on my drawing skill i can't seem to find it on research engine nor others similar artstyle, i even go through H manga but no luck.

    1. Shindo L. You can find all the answers by hi-lighting the text on the manga artstyle page.