26 June 2011

Summer Break (sort of)

Time for some good news and bad news. The good news is that Franken Fran c51 is out. The bad news is that I'll be going on a translation-break of sorts for the summer (up until September, I suppose) due to real life reasons. Now this doesn't mean that there won't be no new releases as I'll still be doing the monthlies but I won't be working at my usual pace.

So in short, series that'll be affected are:
Tomorrow's Joe (yes, yes, I feel bad about all the delays too, especially since Rikiishi vs Joe is up next)
Sangokushi (sorry, wait until fall for the climax of the Red Cliffs battle)

Series that won't be affected:
Historie (though Iwaaki is also taking a break of his own for 2 months)
Vinland Saga
Franken Fran

Also, as I've mentioned before, I've already finished translating Waters and hopefully the group I'm collaborating with  for cleaning/typesetting will be also done sometime in the coming weeks. And as for NASA, Happy Scans and I should have it done sometime during this summer as well (we're half-done right now). Oh one more thing, I will fix a few more errors in Punpun in a few days which I'll add under the other post. That's it for now, enjoy your summer people.

Franken Fran c51:   Mediafire


  1. Take all the time you need!
    You are appreciated!

  2. What about Punpun ? Won't there be a new volume released during July/August ?

    Take all the time you need.

  3. Thank you for giving us a forewarning, or I'd have been worried :)

    That said, you definitely don't need to apologize. After all, most of us wouldn't even be aware of the existence of these awesome series if you weren't around!

  4. have a good summer, then!
    and wow, franken fran... the author is really fond of the sentinels. i found this chapter to be a quite depressing story.

  5. Thanks HOX! Have a great summer break.

  6. Unhappy news for Joe fans. While its distressing, in a way, I'm glad you told us ahead of time and intend on continuing in the future.

  7. hey man, enjoy your vacation.

  8. Have a nice vacation, Hox. Please don't forget this month's Vinland Saga! I've been dying to read it (as I always do).

  9. No Vinland Saga chapter this month according to Yukimura's twitter account.

  10. hi there
    thanx for your hard work on vinland saga and I want to ask a favor
    I just want to ask about the few pages that aren't translated ?!
    it's in ch 71 and i think that ch was translated by MS but can you please translate it !!
    i know you have your summer break now but i really need it ><
    thanks ^^

  11. Yeah, I'm going to translate those pages as part of the volume release that I'm doing with Happy Scans but now that I think about it... That's going to take some time before it's out and since VS didn't get a chapter this month, I'll get it out this week.

  12. thanx
    your the best ^^