18 June 2011


Another fix on a stupid mistake I made, this time in Goodnight Punpun. Turns out, I forgot to include the last page of v3 and in v2, I forgot to do 2 other pages because I thought it was just a preview of volume 3, but it turned out it was just a little something extra. Thank you to the anonymous who noticed this and told me about it. I've uploaded the fixed volumes, but you can just get the pages separately in the links below as well.

My apologies again for sloppy mistakes.

Goodnight Punpun v2:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v3:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v2 missing pages only:   Mediafire
Goodnight Punpun v3 missing pages only:   Mediafire


  1. Son of a gun. Well, we can't bite the hand that feeds us, but it's good to know I have a reason to read these again so soon. Awww yeah.

  2. I just wanted to say, i can't follow all series you do but, thanks for your hard work, i am sure lots of people appreciate your efforts.

  3. well, seeing as how you translate through PunPun with the force of a thousand suns mistakes are to be expected.
    Thanks for doing it in the first place, you're simply the best.

  4. Dammit Hox we are not paying you for this kind of shoddy work!

  5. Sure, Punpun is an excellent manga. Just finished reading all the chapters release some minutes ago and liked it very much.

    Thank you for translating this manga, it must be hard do a seinen manga like this one.

    PS: Btw, any prevision to the release of the volume 9 in Japan?

  6. Thank you Hox once again.
    It's ok. Everybody makes mistakes sometime. We will still stick with through thick and thin.

  7. HOX do you take comissions?

  8. No, I don't take comissions. If it's something I like, I'll translate it for free and if it's something I dislike, it's going to be such a chore to translate it and taking money for it isn't going to make it any more enjoyable.

  9. There are still lots of "Yagura" everywhere in the chapter. Just FYI. 92 and 93 notably.

  10. Is it possible for you to upload or maybe email your other Punpun volumes?
    I just started to read Goodnight Punpun and it's very intriguing for me.

  11. I mean as Vols. 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7. I am unable to find them on this site.

    1. It's in my mega box that I linked in my completed projects page, which I now realize Punpun has still yet to be moved from the ongoing projects to completed projects page.

      In any case, here: https://mega.co.nz/#F!119QSBhS!bCe22AtmY6puabi3XL5b1A

  12. Thank you very much.
    I appreciate what you do.