5 August 2018

Historie v10

So I promised this a looong time ago, but I finally got around to it and spent a weekend on it. This is the tankoban release of Historie v10. For people who don't know, there are mainly two differences between the tankoban and magazine versions. One is the slightly different chapter arrangement. This volume covers from the second half of chapter 89 to the end of chapter 97, but due to the different chapter arrangements, they are listed as chapters 81-87 in the tankoban version. The second difference, and the more important one, is that all the incomplete artwork is finished up for the tankoban release. Three examples are posted below.

Alright, enjoy the volume then! If you spot any typos, let me know, and I'll fix them in about a week's time.

Historie v10:   Mega
Previous Historie volumes:   Mega