15 October 2011

Franken Fran c57

Alright, I got some good news and bad news so gather around. The good news is that new Franken Fran is out and Zero part 2 volume 1 will be out in Japan on Oct. 17. Of course, it'll still be some time until it's scanned and translated but we should definitely be able to see how the golfing match turned out in the near future. The bad news is that Amuro, my editor/cleaner/professional joke-maker for Franken Fran is resigning from the project. You can read more about that on his blog.

So in short, I need a volunteer to help me on this project. Requirements are cleaning/typesetting/editing experience and a sense of humour (I've rather grown fond of reading Amuro's jokes at the end of every chapter and I'd like to continue that if possible).

Franken Fran c57:   Mediafire


  1. I read it on amuro's blog too =( I wanted to help u though, if only for cleaning and typesetting, I think I'm reliable enough for this kind of job :D just mail me if u're interested. thx XD

  2. Sorry to see Amuro go. Adores was... surprisingly moe this chapter, even if she did consume half the school. At least she didn't harvest them, though.

  3. This isn't Zero.

  4. Unrelated:

    What the fuck, Iwaaki?

  5. Hox, I know you're working on many projects right now, but if I were to help you with cleaning or anything other than actual translating, would you be willing to pick up a project?

  6. I guess I'll just have to wait forever for Junketsu no Maria scans. Thanks for answering.

  7. Hey man, I sent you an email but I'll post again here just in case:


    if you're still in need of help, I could lend you a hand(job, kiddin). I'm currently lacking a job and out of college until next semester, that means I will be most likely always there.

    Ah, I also don't complain about projects nor I'm selective, or a betch, so I can help you whenever you want with whatever you want (except translating).

    I did hoozuki san etc aneki (not with animexis), Houkago Play some chapters, and some other mango... http://anynameplease.blogspot.com/ (I'm still trying to get it back, not HP since another group took it which I'm glad about)

    and welp, feel free to ask for help anytime.