16 June 2011

Sangokushi v25 (will finish by June 17 no matter what)

Alright, you've all waited long enough and it's time for this Sangokushi v25. Going to be try my hardest to get the entire volume done by sometime tomorrow but I'll upload chapter by chapter as soon as I finish them. Here's the first one for now.

Ahh, the arrow stratagem. Perhaps one of the most, if not the most, memorable scenes in Romance of the Three Kingdoms though sadly fictitious.
Poor Lu Su... I'm sure the real you in history was a much more impressive man.
So close, Cao Cao. If I ever learned anything from multiple choice tests, it's to always go with your first instincts.
At last, enter the phoenix.
Remember Xu Shu, guys? Sadly enough, I think this is the last time we ever hear about him in the book and this manga.

Sangokushi c137:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c138:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c139:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c140:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c141:   Mediafire
Sangokushi c142:   Mediafire


  1. You can do it!

  2. Thanks! I'm somewhat confused, though. Did you mean to say that these were chapters 137 and 138?

  3. Thank you very much

  4. that's awesome

  5. Oh for fuck's sake, I just realized I misspelled "referred" not once but TWICE IN ONE PAGE. Well, at least it's fixed now.